Lightpainting Video Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial explaining how to create a Light painting effect in video with basic After Effects. Lightpainting video using your DSLR.

Camera Settings:

The camera needs to be in a tripod. Video Mode, 24 0r 25 fps, shutter 50fps

The light source used is the Pixelstick, which lets you create beautiful light paintings to photos, videos and time-lapses.

Powered using a controller, 200 RGB LEDs, and 8 AA batteries.

More details:

Video Tutorial:


  1. Import the video file in After Effects and drag the footage to create a new composition.
  2. On the timeline Duplicate the footage (cmd – D)
  3. Click on the top footage and add levels from the “Effects and Presets Window”
  4. Adjust the levels. Crush the blacks making sure the lightpaint stands out.
  5. Add the “echo” effect to the first clip from the effects panel
  6. Adjust the number of echos to how long you want set the echo operator to maximum
  7. Check your the echo trails
  8. Right click on first the clip and set the blending mode to screen
  9. Export and add to render queue
  10. Done



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