High Fashion Harajuku

Another year has passed! 2011 has been a fruitful year for all of us and what a great way to start 2012 is by giving.

As you can see the original image seems flat and needs tons of clearing. A lot of clutter which basically distracts the viewer to the subject.

1.     First we want to do is to clean up the image using the “patch tool-ticked to source”, by dragging the selected area to the cleaner part on the image these  instantly clones the texture of the selected part to the new one . Also used was a clone tool (soft brush-opacity 53).


Applying the vignette and some minor color correction we get these. The vignette further emphasizes more towards the subject giving it more impact to the image.

On the Third part I will just be breaking down the layers in elementary description to show how I derived the final look of the Image.

The Project was facilitated by LIGHTBENDER PROJECT Dubai. It was a Charity shoot led by Noel Pangilinan, the President of the group.

Model : Jana Leontschuk
Designer : Rocky Gathercole
MUA : Ivy Kep Peralta
Photo/Post: Ben Carino

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