GH4 Focus Peaking and Zebra Test

samyang 85mm cinelens + focal reducer on GH4

samyang 85mm cinelens + focal reducer on GH4

Focus peaking was one of the primary demands for the GH3 camera, unfortunately was not able to come into the firmware update. Alas! It finally arrived! GH4 has focus peaking and zebras to help with manual focusing and video recording by highlighting the areas of highest contrast. With the built-in Zebra patterns and peaks rest assured all our shots are tack sharp!

Shot using the GH3 with olympus 60mm macro lens

You can download the original GH4 shot from here:


GH4 Focus Peaking

Samyang cine lens 85mm T/1.5 EF mount

Lens Turbo, Focal Reducer – Speed booster alternative

Music By: WYLN – Changes (Final Mix)

Disclaimer – this is a pre-production model with firmware v1. and may not be representative of the final image quality from the camera.


  • I wonder if you could help me out with something. The GH4 is my first modern digital camera so some of the menu conventions are a bit alien to me. Is there a way to use focus peaking without the zoom focus assist? In this video it looks like there is but I don't know if that's limited to video recording modes.
    Thank you!

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