The Fighter

My first attempt on 3 point lighting. I tried to deconstruct a lighting similar to Howard Schartz image on Manny Paquiao as shown here: So, Deconstructing the image it We Get: 1. A softbox Above the Subject. 2. A Strobe at the back 3. Another infront. Modifying mine with a red gel. Diagram Below: Diagram courtesy of Post process will be on my next entry. Thanks for Reading!   .


Another funshoot from the lightbender project. For now, will show the layers Used to achieve the look. I know some some photoshop artist can reverse the the workflow and achieve the final image just by referring through layers. O lazy Me… Have A great day reversing! These has been my sole video sharing site ve been using for some time now. Vimeo has been specialized on the “Pro” side. You dont get all the useless nonsense we see on youtube. Other than that; we dont see that 10minute limit given on youtube. Not much annoying ads which lets you concentrate more on watching the clips. The only drawback on the site: you only get a 500mb a week of space.

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