Challenge yourself on this beautiful 100km trail run through the mountain passes, along jeep tracks, through boulder ravines and over spectacular sand dunes of Ras Al Khaimah. It is a tough challenge and requires training, but generous cut-off times (24hrs overall) allow most physically fit, determined and well-prepared runners to get to the finish.

Film Maker and video editor; Ben Carino provides high production value, story-driven content for arts, documentary, event, broadcast, and corporate clients across UAE. With experience in media production, including print, web, and broadcast. Honing his camera and DOP skills, he added social media production and video editing to his palette. And now provides video production services. He is no ordinary Dubai Videographer.


He is able to communicate naturally with artists and performers. Apply his knowledge of production and post production to deliver outstanding video content that not only resonates with their artistic vision but also their audience. His love for film and video started with his first handheld camcorder his mother gave him, He would shoot small projects with his friends and captured what others overlooked. Those Early experiences launched his creative trill towards videography.

His works has taken him from shooting commercials, sports events, corporate and specializes in Club Videos and Social Media Content Production.

He has edited numerous corporate marketing videos, promotional trailers, and countless boutique style clips. Enjoyed most about editing is knowing that all of the hard work that went into pre production and production. And now up to the the editor, to tell a story that has a particular look, feel and mood. In addition to the guts and glory of editing. Most of this information is discussed in pre production but it will still fall onto the lap of the editor in post production. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of shooting video in different formats is just one of the many technical pieces of information an editor needs to have a grasp. In order to speed up time and process in post production.

Dubai Videographer – Hajar100 – Sports Videographer

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