This is a personal project for our wedding debut. The challenge on the shot was doing most of the shots all by myself, other than the dynamic running shot on the hallway, With the help of a good friend Teddy Arago. I have to utilize most of the equipment i have, one tripod would be holding the comer for the fiery scenes, others will be the slider, and another one for the projector. BEN + CANDY from Ben Carino on Vimeo.

DIY Gorilla Skates

DIY Gorilla Skates from Ben Carino on Vimeo. The Idea came from Kickstarter, the goal is to create an inexpensive DIY dolly that can somehow have the flexibility to create professional shots, rotate around objects, sliding, gliding and panning shots.

Tribal Shoot

Another Great work from RG. Tribal in the City Designer: Rocky Gathercole HMU: Blush-By Taz | Ivy Peralta Models: Iviang Barcenilla Israel Pavithra Raju Ann Llagas Shot and Edited: Ben Carino Emirates Aviation A Lightbender Project


When I was walking around the souq, saw these skates onsale, thought of making a slider with tracks; I end Up just removing the shoe and drilling a hole in the middle to fit the tripod head. Just  sprayed a few WD-40 and Tadaaaa! A semi smooth dolly! Wasn’t able to make the tracks though.  

manila sunset

manila city’s breathtaking sunset… timelapsed ep1 586 shots all in all used lightroom and sony vegas to edit the output. used photix remote trigger WORKFLOW: Edited 1 image in lightroom Copied the pre-edited setting (adjusting tint | exposure | recovery |etc ) on the first image and paste it on the other 585 images | exported the images to a folder) Vegas | Go to import media tick Open Still Image Sequence. The the images would automatically shows up in your timeline.

JQ Haute Couture

Another Project with LightBenders Project. Shots taken with Gh1 and Ep1 – micro fourthirds Camera Lens: Canon FD 50mm 1.4 | Olympus Zuiko 14-42mm 3.5 Edited in FCP Color Graded | I ant to have a vintage/grudgy feel to it. Location: Emirates Aviation Dubai Song: Beatles Remix -great song


Limit is a personal project; driven by the quotation posted by Paolo Coelho via twitter. Music by: The Silent Years – Taking Drugs At The Amusement Park. First fully color graded project.

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