High Fashion Harajuku

Another year has passed! 2011 has been a fruitful year for all of us and what a great way to start 2012 is by giving. As you can see the original image seems flat and needs tons of clearing. A lot of clutter which basically distracts the viewer to the subject. 1.     First we want to do is to clean up the image using the “patch tool-ticked to source”, by dragging the selected area to the cleaner part on the image these  instantly clones the texture of the selected part... Read The Rest →


This is a personal project for our wedding debut. The challenge on the shot was doing most of the shots all by myself, other than the dynamic running shot on the hallway, With the help of a good friend Teddy Arago. I have to utilize most of the equipment i have, one tripod would be holding the comer for the fiery scenes, others will be the slider, and another one for the projector. BEN + CANDY from Ben Carino on Vimeo.

DIY Gorilla Skates

DIY Gorilla Skates from Ben Carino on Vimeo. The Idea came from Kickstarter, the goal is to create an inexpensive DIY dolly that can somehow have the flexibility to create professional shots, rotate around objects, sliding, gliding and panning shots.

The Fighter

My first attempt on 3 point lighting. I tried to deconstruct a lighting similar to Howard Schartz image on Manny Paquiao as shown here: So, Deconstructing the image it We Get: 1. A softbox Above the Subject. 2. A Strobe at the back 3. Another infront. Modifying mine with a red gel. Diagram Below: Diagram courtesy of  lightingdiagrams.com. Post process will be on my next entry. Thanks for Reading!   .


Another funshoot from the lightbender project. For now, will show the layers Used to achieve the look. I know some some photoshop artist can reverse the the workflow and achieve the final image just by referring through layers. O lazy Me… Have A great day reversing!

Moshi Ad and Product Shoot using Eye-fi

Product Shoots can be costly it involves a  lot of time planning and manpower. But in these setup i was able to do the shoot in a frugal, least costly, guerilla-like way, maintaining the class and quality of the Advert! The project was done on a very tight deadline, no time to set-up lightboxes; manpower whatnots, a then and there situation where the client need to see the output within the day. The setup was quite easy just an iPhone for lighting a foamboard. Another great way to view images in realtime... Read The Rest →

Tribal Shoot

Another Great work from RG. Tribal in the City Designer: Rocky Gathercole HMU: Blush-By Taz | Ivy Peralta Models: Iviang Barcenilla Israel Pavithra Raju Ann Llagas Shot and Edited: Ben Carino beneboto.com Emirates Aviation A Lightbender Project

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