Moshi Ad and Product Shoot using Eye-fi

Product Shoots can be costly it involves a  lot of time planning and manpower. But in these setup i was able to do the shoot in a frugal, least costly, guerilla-like way, maintaining the class and quality of the Advert! The project was done on a very tight deadline, no time to set-up lightboxes; manpower whatnots, a then and there situation where the client need to see the output within the day.

The setup was quite easy just an iPhone for lighting a foamboard. Another great way to view images in realtime is using an Eye-fi x2 card. These product has been a great help on the project giving me an instant preview of the shoot directly on Lightroom see setup HERE.; giving wireless tethering on any apple, PC, any IOS devices or any android devices. GOOGLE IT!




Eye-fi X2 Pro 8Gb cost 600 AED in EVO showroom in Sheikh Zayed Contact: 04 3435501 ext 201.









With some photo manipulation and color adjustment. We get the sample from above! Another satisfied client. Without burning a hole in the pocket!


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